Cinema Room

A real-life Tardis! Our garden cinema room offering all the features of a normal cinema tucked neatly inside a top-of-the-range timber and composite structure. And with seven commercial grade cinema seats, makes this garden cinema room ideal for family and friend movie nights. But in the comfort of your own space. So forget having to book tickets, queue for popcorn and shush noisy people by choosing to enjoy all the best parts of the cinematic experience from your own home.




Jans Lifestyle’s cinema rooms are carefully and thoughtfully designed to ensure that all the best features of a cinema work into this neat and slick structure.


Exterior Design. The cinema room is the perfect addition to either an indoor or outdoor space. The slick timber frame construction has full insulation in the floor, ceiling and wall panels. The composite floor and roof structure is durable and weather-proof, as composite materials do not rot.


Interior Design. When you walk inside this room you get the full cinematic experience. Levelled cinema seating with cup holders, colour-changing led spotlights and strip lighting creates an authentic experience. The Mitsubishi air conditioning unit provides heating and cooling. This ensures you have the perfect conditions for ultimate comfort.


You will be amazed at the technology packed into this cinema room. The entire room can be powered by a traditional 3 pin plug! The technology has been chosen to make streaming onto the huge cinema screen as quick and easy as possible. A smart remote controls the entire setup. A high-quality EPSON EH-TW7000 projector and surround sound system are the perfect combination creating a vibrant experience every time. The Roko streaming device and Draytex wireless hub allow for streaming in such high quality that you’ll forget you’re not at a public cinema.


Your dream of having an at-home cinema is realised with the help of Jans Lifestyle. Get your popcorn ready for an experience so real you’ll never have to buy a cinema ticket again!

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