Strikeworth Pro Ice Aluminium 7 Foot Air Hockey Table – White

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Pro Ice Aluminium 7 Foot Air Hockey Table

The Pro Ice Aluminium Air Hockey Table is a stylish 7ft model that has been designed to be the right size for your home games room or communal area, while looking just like the tables you see at amusement arcades!  Available in both Black or White table top

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7ft Air Hockey Table for Your Home.

Feel the adrenalin of a fast, exciting air hockey game in your own home. The Pro Ice is a large, well-built games table designed for up to four people to play at once. Chunky adjustable legs give a perfectly flat playfield, and the MDF cabinet is protected by tough, bumper-like corner caps.


Wide, High-Speed Playfield

The play surface is wide, giving two players plenty of room and making hectic four-player team games a reality. The table is supplied with two 76mm pucks, which are heavy, planted and accurate for a really fast, exciting game. It also includes a pair of lighter 63mm pucks, which are slightly slower and suitable for younger players or beginners. The pushers feature velvet feet, allowing them to slide effortlessly across the surface.

The smooth, low-friction playfield is perforated and fitted with a powerful 240v fan, which creates an air cushion for the puck to glide over. This means very high puck speeds and an exciting game!


Overhead Scorer With Automatic Goal Detection

A large scoring gantry is fitted over the playfield. It features a scoring pod in the centre which displays the score, elapsed game time and also incorporates a speaker for in-game commentary. Positioned at around eye level, it means you can easily follow the game without looking away from the playfield.

Inside the goal mouths, sensors detect the passing of a puck. A goal is automatically announced and added to the opponent’s score. Real aluminium rebound rails by each goal – most often found on commercial arcade tables – give the best ricochets, and that classic ‘ping’. With four pucks and four pushers included, just choose a white or black table, plug the Pro Ice in and get ready.

Key Features

  • Powerful 7ft home air hockey table for up to four players.
  • Tough MDF cabinet with corner bumpers.
  • Aluminium-style top rail for lively rebound.
  • Aluminium rebound rails by each goal.
  • Stable elliptical legs with individual height adjusters.
  • Perforated low-friction playfield with 240v fan.
  • Overhead scoring gantry with LCD display showing score & game time.
  • Speakers with in-game commentary and sound effects.
  • Available with a white or black playfield.
  • Includes accessories.

Free Accessories

The 7ft Pro Ice air hockey table is supplied with two 76mm pucks, two 63mm pucks and four velvet-clad pushers.

Additional information

Weight 97 kg
Dimensions 222 × 130 × 33 cm