Inflatable stand up paddleboards
Interest in stand up paddleboarding shows no sign of decreasing. As an outdoor pastime, it’s one of the most popular activities for attracting first-time participants – and there is no better way to get your feet wet than by getting aboard an inflatable SUP from Jans Lifestyle.
Lighter, cheaper and easier to store than their hard-shell relatives, inflatable stand up paddleboards – also referred to as iSUPs – are the perfect choice for beginners, while still offering a level of performance that can satisfy more advanced riders.
When it comes to stand up paddle boards, at Jans Lifestyle we understand the importance of finding the right one to meet your needs.
Whether you’re young, old, tall, small, experienced or just beginning, we want to share the fun with you by providing the highest quality, best performing inflatable SUPs and accessories on the market.
Our inflatable SUP range is designed to service you. We know you’re unique, so our board designs and packages are tailored to incorporate an array of abilities, disciplines, body sizes and tastes.
Exclusive SUP accessories
 All our packages come with:

The inflatable SUP board
A paddle (aluminium with the option to upgrade to carbon)
A dual-action pump: for faster, more efficient inflation and deflation
A removable centre fin – a useful feature for protecting the fin from damage out of the water
A drybag backpack for storing and transporting the board and accessories, as well as for keeping your dry gear out of the way
A repair kit for patching and maintenance
Deluxe Coil Lesh

Have a look below at our exciting range of Paddle Boards from Two Bare Feet, Saltrock and Bleubird.

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