Ever wanted to relax in your garden with a sauna? We have a range of outdoor thermowood barrel saunas fully equipped to ease those modern day stresses.

Outdoor saunas for sale in UK & Ireland. Scandinavian style with beautiful features, our saunas are eye-catching and functional. So when you need to relax and detox in the comfort of your own garden your sauna is ready for you.

Thermowood Barrel Saunas with upgraded Harvia electric internal heater and tinted full Sun Window Prices from £7,500. Come and visit our showroom in Belfast.

Jans Lifestyle’s Thermowood Barrel Saunas are hand-crafted and delivered in one piece. The Thermowood exterior has exceptional insulating properties.

Enter the sauna through a wooden door to a small changing room which includes lift up seats for belongings and wooden flooring for comfort.  Once changed, open the glass door into the sauna area which has wooden ergonomically curved seating. A fully tinted sun window is positioned at the opposite end of the sauna with a hot rocks Harvia Cylindro heater in front of the window. Then use the wooden water bucket and ladle supplied to pour water over the rocks to create steam.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions – 2.2m x 2.2m x 3M
  • Weight approx 1 tonne
  • Advised flat area needed for best use and for supporting weight
  • Sauna is supplied with all items inside, Rocks, bucket and ladle
  • Full instructions will be supplied separately.
  • Available with a choice of 3 roof colours, black, red or green

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