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The 13AH in-tube battery on this step-through city bike will give the rider up to 60 miles of range. Made with tried and tested components, this is a solid and reliable machine for getting about town.

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“The ‘S’ stands for a larger 17.5Ah battery. The same great componentry found in the e-City 1.13, with an 80 mile range.

“Are you looking for an e-bike on your way to work or on a city trip? Do you want to go shopping, for lunch, or for a nice easy trip with friends? Then the Crussis e-City 1.13-S e-bike is made for you.

The e-City 1.13-S e-bike has an aluminum frame with a comfortable geometry. No more tiring getting on the bike! The main frame tube is set very low, so you can get on the bike without the slightest problem. Thanks to the geometry of the e-bike, getting off is also fast and safe. The e-bike is thus also suitable for those for whom the classic geometry of the e-bike can cause problems, for example for health reasons.

Unlike the e-City 1.13, however, the e-City 1.13-S e-bike is equipped with an extra strong Samsung 17.5 Ah battery, which is fully integrated into the e-bike frame. Practical, functional and eye-pleasing design. What else could you wish for?

Perhaps functionality and reliability. The Bafang electric motor located in the rear wheel hub takes care of that . In combination with a powerful battery, it will reliably transport you up to a distance of 140 km – here, of course, it always depends on the track profile and the way in which the assistance is used, which in the case of this model is five-stage. And how do you actually control the assistance? Through the LED panel located on the handlebars. It shows the battery status and the selected degree of assistance of the electric motor.

The e-City 1.13-S e-bike is equipped with 26 ”diameter wheels, which makes it different from the e-Country range.


  • FRAME – Aluminium frame
  • POWER ASSISTED – Electric Assistance
  • TYPE OF BRAKE – Pad brakes
  • BATTERY CAPACITY (V <=> AH)36V 17.5 Ah
  • WIDTH – 63 cm
  • STAND 
  • HEIGHT – 121 cm
  • LENGTH – 176 cm
  • WHEEL SIZE (- 26″
  • 7 SPEEDS